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Pictures of Exarchia and Monastiraki in Athens, Greece taken back in September 2017. 

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Exarchia streets

Bookshop in Exarchia

View from a Café in Exarchia

Open Cafe in Exarchia

Window shop reflection in Exarchia

Everyday life in Exarchia

Shop window in Exarchia

The inside of a Shop in Exarchia

Exarchia life

Graffiti in Exarchia

Shops and workshops of Exarchia

Everyday scene in Exarchia

Outdoor Bar seating in Exarchia

Street art intervention across buildings in Athens

Mini Markets in Athens

Typical Exarchia scene

Exarchia Bohemian Bar

Monasteriki Thrift Shops

Monasteriki typical scenes

Graffiti all over Athen´s buildings

Entering the Monasteriki district

Monasteriki shops

Colorful streets and restaurants around Monasteriki




If I was asked to describe Athens, I would say it is probably ten times more than what you picture it in your mind to be and then again, face to face it is so much more than meets the eye. I would also say it is a city trapped in several times and not strictly ancient ones.

Athens can be crowded, really warm and full of old and young life. Athens is most certainly the Acropolis, which from several angles and high points like Mount Lycabettus, appears to be the center of it all and up front, grander than life itself. This city is also all the other ruins that in fragments manage to pass the test of time, like the Library of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, but then again, Athens is not just that.

This city is also the neighborhoods you will probably have to walk through to get from landmark to landmark. Places like Exarchia, is present Athens, the capital of a nation that not too long ago, was striked by a major economic crisis and that slowly but surely has managed to stay afloat. The Exarchia district filled with stray cats, graffiti, lively cafes, bars and numerous restaurants is definitely Athens, much like the part of the Monastiraki district that is filled with antique thrift shops and street sellers. Actually, Athens is probably way much more than all that together and there´s no better way to find out than seeing it for yourself. So next time you plan a trip to this country don´t skip this city, let alone this other side of Athens, believe me you´ll be gladly surprised.

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