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Pictures of Aveiro, Portugal from a memorable trip back in July 2016. 

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Traditional Portuguese Tilework in Aveiro

Catedral de São Domingos in Aveiro

Moliceiro tours along the canal

Moliceiros, originally used to transport seaweed

Streets of Aveiro

A traditional Shop in Aveiro 

Traditional Tascas in downtown Aveiro

Bright colored restaurants in Aveiro

Moliceiro and typical houses along the canal in downtown Aveiro

Traditional Restaurant serving Tripas, a crepe like dessert typical of Aveiro

Aveiro´s rooftops and facades

Handpainted Moliceiro (Gondola like boat)

View of Aveiro from one of the main canals

Tile mural in Aveiro along the canal

Hanging decorations along the streets of the city

Hanging decorations

Typical weekend day in Aveiro

Ovos Moles and other typical Aveiro delicacies in a traditional shop

Marisqueira in Costa Nova

Typical weekend strolls

Colorful striped houses of Costanova

Costa Nova views

Costa Nova

Alleys of Costa Nova

Costa Nova

Costa Nova 

Restaurant in Costa Nova

Fisherman in the beaches up north from Aveiro

Travel Tips Aveiro

1. Don´t miss visiting the town of Costa Nova and it´s striped colorful houses. Visit the fish market there.
2. Try anything Bacalhau (Cod Fish) at Restaurante o Adriano and everything on the menu
3. Get lost in any of the beaches up north from the main town
4. Have a drink, specifically several Super Bock´s during the day at the beach. 
5. Bring home Ovos Moles, Aveiro´s sweet delicacy, which can only be made and bought there due to it´s protected geographical denomination.

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Aveiro, Portugal

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